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no matter the season, denim is an everyday staple needed in every closet. jackets, jeans, skirts, and shorts -- with denim, the possibilities are endless. denim can be used to elevate a look or give off more street style vibes. no matter the person, everyone needs a good pair of jeans. i've selected pieces from an arrangement of styles, washes, and price ranges to create this fashion edit! the post will start with white denim to follow along with this season, and at the end of the post I am including an overall list of my favorite denim brands. happy summer and happy shopping!

shop white denim shorts: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link

shop white skirts: #1 link #2 link #3 link

shop white jeans: #1 link #2 link #3 link

shop blue jean shorts: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link #6 link #7 link

shop denim skirts: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link #6 link

shop skinny jeans: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link

shop flared jeans: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link

shop straight leg jeans: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link

shop baggy jeans: #1 link #2 link #3 link #4 link #5 link

shop my fav denim brands: mother agolde pistola levis free people frame grlfrnd re/done

shop reworked and vintage denim: revice LF

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this California brand is most known for their girly dresses and pieces in florals, pastels, and lace. the much anticipated Love Shack Fancy x Target collaboration turned heads due to more affordable prices and more size inclusivity. LSF also released their second collaboration with the sneaker brand Superga, mainly including floral patterns in their designs. both of these collabs are more affordable and a great addition to your summer closet! happy summer and happy shopping!

unfortunately, due to high demand, this collection is mostly sold out, but links will still be included on the items that are still available.

ruched dress link

half sleeve dress (sold out)

lilac dress link

yellow half sleeve dress (sold out)

pink dress link

babydoll dress link

white and purple dress link

(photos below in no specific order)












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right now, America is in very dark times. George Floyd's death was a breaking point and marks the beginning of a movement; not just Black Lives Matter, but also changing the broken government system. protesting is one way to support this movement, but it can be dangerous, so donations and petitions are other ways you can help. I wanted to do more, so I began researching black run fashion brands and businesses that are amazing. these founders are super inspiring and their clothes and products are stylish and cute. supporting their brands right now and everyday is crucial! we can all get through this by lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down. "when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." happy shopping!

  • Additional information can be found at the bottom of this post.

Naomie Caron, founder of Selfish Swimwear

Dumebi Iyamah, founder of Andrea Iyamah

Catherine Addai, founder of Kaela Kay

Tehilah Abakasanga, founder of Ofuure

Rihanna, founder of Fenty and Fenty Beauty

Liya Kebede, founder of Lem Lem

Ella Peinovich, Catherine Mahugu, and Gwendolyn Floyd; founders of Soko

Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White

All of these founders have built their own businesses and create products that relate to their roots but are fashion forward simultaneously. I hope that you could look into each of their brands and possibly purchase any items that you like. If you would like to support more black owned businesses, the following articles will guide you:


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Sign petitions, protest, use your social media platform, do whatever you can to support this movement. Thank you.

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